The mobile world moves quick, so it’s important to keep up with trends. Built In Colorado spoke with AdAction’s Founder and CEO, Brian Fox, to learn about current happenings in the adtech industry and how AdAction is helping lead the way.

Having over 20 years of experience in the adtech industry, Brian has a wealth of knowledge and insight on the industry’s latest developments.

“Ad fraud is a rising issue that we are facing in the mobile space today,” said Brian. “Bot traffic, incent fraud, and self-clicking ads are among the top fraudulent issues that are compromising campaign data and performance. AdAction has developed a unique solution to this rising issue: our Compliance Optimization Portal actively surveys and globally monitors traffic for fraudulent activity, providing high-quality campaign control and efficiency for profitable return on ad spend.”

AdAction works with some of the top brands and Fortune 100 companies in the mobile space. A big trend we follow is social media and influencers. Social media is something that continues to gain momentum and grow, so it only makes sense to take full advantage of this platform to further push the industry’s boundaries.

Where will we see these boundaries pushed in years to come? Brian believes that the future of adtech lies within mobile.

“Getting in front of [mobile] users and engaging with them is where we find success and what we recommend for anyone in the adtech industry looking to enhance their marketing efforts,” says Brian.

Read more of Brian’s insight on the adtech industry and how AdAction is leading the charge.

About AdAction Interactive
Driving 300+ million installs since May 2013, AdAction is the mobile app industry’s leading performance-based marketing platform with over 320% average year-over-year growth. Our team of experts deliver over 6 million monthly conversions for Fortune 100 companies and elite agencies, including exclusive partnerships with top media sources around the world.

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