2019 is finally here. Now that the busy times surrounding the holidays have come to an end, we can focus more of our attention on the new year and where the mobile industry is heading. 2018 was filled with a great deal of new innovations and marketing trends, but 2019 is already predicted to see even more growth and industry breakthroughs. This year, consumer spend on apps is projected to gross over $122 billion, which will be five times faster growth than the global economy. More specifically, 62 percent of global digital ad spend will come from mobile, with 60 percent more apps monetizing through in-app advertising.¹ The numbers are looking optimistic, but there are several trends to keep in mind while planning your marketing efforts for the next 365 days. What should be on your radar in 2019? The increase of subscription-based apps, more app personalization and user expectations, the arrival of 5G networks, and big brands utilizing mobile marketing.

More Subscription-Based Apps
Subscription-based apps will continue contributing to the growth of consumer spend in app stores, and the revenue model itself is also expected to gain momentum from users and advertisers. Users enjoy these apps due to auto-renewal features, along with accessibility and organization of their subscriptions within the App Store. User experience and updated content and features increase the app’s value to current users, while special deals and free trials entice potential customers. Advertisers also benefit from this app model. Subscription-based apps generate two to three times more revenue than apps relying on pay-to-download models or advertising.² In addition, apps in the App Store that maintain subscribers for over a year receive an additional 15 percent of the subscription price at each billing cycle. This year we can also expect to see the scooter-share industry inherit subscription models, and video-streaming apps keep their top spot and continue to grow among subscriptions.

Users Expecting Personalization
Mobile technology is constantly evolving. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more accessible to mobile marketers and will continue to be used, especially with personalization. AI analyzes data for patterns and can track consumer location, behavior, values, and context to improve individual personalization. Brands who effectively use personalization can increase sales by 10 percent and see five to eight times more ROI, further driving conversions and engagement.³ Personalization in apps creates a better user experience, and can be done with pop-ups, search recommendations by preferences or location, discounts and special offers, and customized push notifications outside the app. If personalization isn’t already on your docket, it may be something to consider as more and more mobile users expect this type of experience.

The Arrival of 5G Networks
The fifth generation of wireless networking is beginning to make its introduction in mobile. 5G could potentially create 10 to 100 times speed gains over the current 4G networks along with lower latency.⁴ As 5G rolls out, there are some changes we might see over time in mobile gaming and advertising. The network advancements will create faster download and upload speeds, meaning mobile games can be played almost instantly. Lower latency improves the ability to handle more simultaneous connections and could create larger multiplayer experiences. For advertisers, creatives will have to keep up with these faster speeds and will need to be more engaging and immersive for users.

Big Brands Utilizing Mobile Marketing
Last year we saw more big brands implement mobile marketing strategies through stories, augmented reality filters on Snapchat, and micro influencers. We don’t see this movement slowing down in 2019 as advertising on mobile has the ability to reach a greater number of people in a more accessible manner than traditional platforms like TV and print. It’s predicted that by 2020, mobile will represent 43 percent of total media ad spend in the US, which is more than all traditional media combined.⁵ As more users turn to their phones, more ad dollars will be allocated to mobile.

There are a handful of predictions for mobile marketing this year, but only time will tell what heights the industry reaches. From improving the actual structure of wireless networks to an increase of ad spend in mobile, 2019 has the potential to see great innovations and growth. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these trends, get in touch with one of our mobile experts and subscribe to our newsletter today!

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