We’re only one week away from Mobile Apps Unlocked Vegas. The two-day event will bring together mobile marketing leaders and top brands for networking and to discuss the latest trends in acquisition and retention. This year’s lineup is jam-packed with some of the industry’s trailblazers in mobile growth, so how can you prepare to get the most out of MAU? Our team of mobile experts have some hot topics you’ll want to keep on your radar to optimize your time in Vegas.

With mobile marketing leaders from around the world coming together to discuss acquisition, you can expect to hear about diversifying ad spend. This allows you to find new users and additional scale with strong performance. Spending across multiple ad channels ensures that one platform’s strength can compensate for another’s weak spot, and increases your targeting and reach. AdAction can help you find incremental installs and traffic at scale with our media mix, so schedule a meeting with our team at MAU to maximize your marketing efforts.

Data-driven decisions are another big discussion point you’ll hear about at the event. More marketers are utilizing data to make conclusions and map out the customer journey across channels, and not just giving credit to the conversion point. Being mindful of churn points and other trouble areas allows for improvements to win back users. Data-driven decisions allow for smarter ad spend and more measurable results, making it easier to identify strong ROI-driving channels and top performers within your media mix.  

Going into MAU Vegas with a game plan of who to connect with and understanding the latest mobile marketing trends will help you get the most out of the event. Interested in learning more about AdAction’s exclusive inventory and offerings? Schedule a poolside meeting with our team in between sessions — Hawaiian shirts welcomed — or stop by booth 419. Also join us for a night of networking and long drives at Sin City Swing. Our hole-in-one happy hour will tee off at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30 at MGM Grand’s Topgolf, so RSVP today!

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