Have you ever wondered what the CEO of a company does throughout the day? Well, we decided to shine some light on the curious nature of the day-to-day responsibilities of our head honcho, offering AdAction’s first-ever opportunity to shadow founder and CEO, Brian Fox.

While we are only five years old and continue to grow by leaps and bounds, we encourage our employees to do the same as they develop in their careers. This is why we chose two team members for an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with Brian during their inaugural year at AdAction: Tom Olsen, Manager of Publisher Development in Denver, and Kevin Brogan, Manager of Publisher Relations in Austin. Tom, a former business analyst, and Kevin, previously an operations manager, both came to AdAction with impressive experience in critical thinking, problem solving, and project management; more importantly, they came with a desire to learn about the company and how they can contribute to its growth. While shadowing Brian, these two not only got to see AdAction from a new perspective, but were exposed to insights and conversations they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Tom and Kevin shadowed Brian for two separate weeks. They each attended important meetings including sales calls with clients, conversations about compliance, and internal huddles where they learned about initiatives from departments they wouldn’t ordinarily work with.

“Attending those meetings allowed me to bring everything full circle and understand the big picture of AdAction,” said Tom. “I really got to see where Brian came from and it spoke to his wealth of knowledge on the industry.”

Kevin, who shadowed the AdAction exec remotely from our Austin office, was able to observe how Brian works and interacts with advertisers, and also hear from other members of our Denver team who he doesn’t collaborate with regularly.

“One of the best things I learned was the way and direction people saw the company going and how they personally can grow it,” said Kevin. “It was interesting to see how Denver is bringing on new clients and how they work with different angles. It’s a synergy of how all the teams work together to maximize AdAction’s potential.”

Fully understanding how all of AdAction’s moving parts cohesively work together is one of the first steps in understanding your role within the company, and knowing how you can further develop your career with AdAction. No matter where our team members fit into the AdAction family, the friendly and supportive culture enables our employees to help build each other up. Whether it be through working on specialized projects from other departments or shadowing leaders, our employees are always willing to extend a helping hand — including the CEO.

Having Tom and Kevin shadow me is what AdAction is all about,” said Brian. “The culture we’ve built here allows our team members, new and seasoned, to try new things and grow their career to their liking. We want everyone to contribute to our continued innovation, but more importantly to set and achieve their own goals.”

Tom and Kevin may have only shadowed Brian for two weeks, but the experience didn’t end in the meeting room. Tom has been using his takeaways from shadowing the CEO to improve his understanding of the company and his communication with his clients, while Kevin has been utilizing his experience to be more aware of how to help other teams and take action on his own. Going forward, the two have been using what they’ve learned from Brian in their everyday interactions, and to help shape their careers now and in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about our company culture, check out our Careers page!

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