The mobile marketing industry is changing every day, and lately we’ve been seeing the spotlight on reward videosHowever, you can also benefit from tapping into the quality scale of search and social traffic sources if you can crack the code with the right creative, copy, and targeting. Interested in how you can efficiently scale your social and search UA campaigns to improve your app’s visibility and drive organic uplift? Let’s take a deeper look.

Diversify Ad Placements
With nearly 3.5 billion active users, social media is a great outlet to promote your app.¹ While advertising on social, take advantage of all relevant ad placement options with your targeting. For example, if you’re advertising on Facebook, don’t just run ads on Facebook newsfeed; test Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network and take advantage of all ad unit types to lower eCPM, including Stories, rewarded inventory, banners, and interstitials. You can resize creative to fit more placements and the added inventory can drastically improve your performance.

Expand Your Targeting
Keep your targeting as broad as possible to bring down your eCPM, especially if your app has a wide appeal. You can test this approach by running a target audience in one ad set, then run an additional ad set that excludes the original audience. Many times you’ll be surprised at how algorithms can find the right audience in a broadly defined ad set, so creating a narrow focus for the algorithm to operate may actually hurt your performance.

Use Top-Performing Keywords
Bridge the gap between your ASO strategies and your paid UA campaigns by using top-ranked keywords in your ad copy. Analyze the keywords users include in their searches when they find and install your app. These keywords tell you what language people are using to discover your app. Of course this can influence the keywords you target on Apple Search and other search-based UA sources, but this can also help create the copy you use in other auction-based ads. Using the right keyword-rich copy in your ads can help your message resonate with audiences and ultimately improve your CTR.

Optimize the Algorithm
Stop touching campaigns everyday. Often, editing your campaigns can restart the channel’s algorithm and you’re left with a day or two of skewed performance as the algorithm works to restabilize. This could cause you to touch the campaigns again. In doing so, you aren’t optimizing based on true insights, but instead making quick judgments on early unstable data — creating a cycle that has a negative impact on your performance. It’s better to optimize after ad sets have run an efficient amount of time to thoroughly test. Your UA partners can help you define those testing parameters.

Optimizing your social and search advertising strategies with some simple solutions like diversifying ad placements and analyzing top-performing keywords can help you make the most of your campaigns and drive traffic to your app. If you want to learn more about how AdAction can help scale your social and search UA campaigns, contact our team of mobile experts today!


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