In the nine months since we published the first list of top advertising partners, there have been a number of acquisitions, new players entering the space, and other noteworthy industry movements. The Top 25 Advertising Partners – Fall Edition reflects much of this activity, and provides an updated perspective on our highest performing partners.

How Did We Determine the Rankings?

In order to identify our top advertising partners, we analyzed more than 500 MobileAppTracking integrated partners and generated scores based on three equally weighted factors:

  • Revenue per Install
  • Install Volume
  • Client Adoption

We understand that this methodology is not perfect, but we believe these rankings provide significant industry insight and enable you to establish partnerships with trusted organizations that consistently perform at a high level. To be clear, these rankings are based solely on partner performance related to MobileAppTracking, and do not account for business that exists on other platforms. The complete list of top advertisers can be seen below, but presented and discussed here are a few interesting trends and highlights:

Top 25 Debuts

Eleven companies made the Top 25 Advertising Partners list for the first time, an indication of just how quickly the mobile ecosystem moves. Partners making their debut on the list (and their rankings) include:

  • Twitter Ads (1)
  • Jampp (4)
  • Apple iAd (8)
  • Mobvista (12)
  • Seventynine (14)
  • Taptica (18)
  • Vserv (19)
  • Tyroo (21)
  • Opera Mediaworks Performance (23)
  • Unity Ads (24)
  • AdAction Interactive (25)

After naming MobileAppTracking an attribution partner in June, Twitter Ads made an immediate impact and landed in the number one position for its top 25 debut. Apple iAd also made an impressive ascent, breaking into the top 10. In terms of regional activity, Mobvista, Tyroo, and Vserv—three Asia Pacific (APAC) partners—are also worth noting. Gartner forecasts that APAC will account for an average of 30% of global ad spend between 2012 and 2017. It will be exciting to watch APAC and other growing regions continue to make their mark in the coming months and years.

Keep an Eye on Video Ads

Three advertising partners that prioritize video ads were included in the top 25 rankings:

  • AdColony (15)
  • Vungle (16)
  • Unity Ads (24)

There were also a handful of video-prioritizing partners that fell just outside the top 25. Ad spend associated with mobile video is projected to quadruple from 2013’s $518M US to nearly $2.1B US in 2016. If this happens, expect to see more video-driven partners on future top lists.

Big Movers

Several advertising partners made impressive positive moves relative to their previous ranking. Some of the notable movers include:

  • Mobvista climbed nearly 70 positions, landing at number 12.
  • Jampp jumped up roughly 30 positions to crack the top five.
  • AdAction Interactive, Seventynine, Taptica, Opera Mediaworks Performance all moved up at least 20 positions.
  • MobPartner improved 16 positions, earning a spot in the top 10.


Other big movement in the top 25 came through a pair of acquisitions. In June Opera acquired AdColony, and in July Yahoo acquired Flurry. We chose to rate these companies separately (as opposed to aggregating their data and ranking) because you can still partner with each organization independently. Consolidation is a common characteristic of maturing industries, and as the ecosystem evolves, expect additional acquisitions to continue to shape the partner landscape.

The value of finding partners that consistently deliver cannot be overstated. Keep an eye out for our future partner rankings to see how these companies continue to perform, and to identify partners that help you accomplish your goals.

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