There are some amazing advertising partners out there. And marketers should know about them. The best of the best are platforms that don’t just promise results but actually deliver what marketers need most: results.

What exactly those results are, of course, depends on what you need from an advertising partners:

  • Brand campaigns
  • Performance advertising
  • Mobile app installs for high-value, engaged mobile users
  • Reliable data for measuring campaigns
  • Industry-leading ROI

Because TUNE is integrated with over 1,000 mobile advertising platforms, and because thousands of marketers and advertising partners use tools like TUNE Marketing Console and TUNE Connect to manage and measure their results at scale — over 100 billion clicks and taps in 2015 and many more this year — we get to see what works.

Now, we’re sharing that with you through our list of top advertising partners.

How we identified the top advertising partners

Building this list is not easy, and we don’t take it lightly. It’s a data-driven process to find the best performing TUNE-integrated ad partners on the planet.

We scored over 400 of our most active integrated ad partners on eight different measures:

  1. Adoption
    How many marketers are using them to drive results for campaigns: do they have market presence?
  2. Reputation
    What marketers think of them: Are they trustworthy and transparent partners?
  3. TUNE Certified Partner Program
    Are they members of the CPP: do they certify that they will adhere to best practices in advertising, including full visibility for marketers into results?
  4. Clicks/taps
    How many times people click or tap on their ads: do they scale?
  5. Installs
    How many mobile app installs they generate: are they effective?
  6. Revenue per Install: D30
    How much revenue per install these ad partners help generate in the first 30 days for app install campaigns.
  7. Revenue per Install: D60
    The same, but for a 60-day period.
  8. Retention
    How many users stay active on day 1, D2, D3, D7, and D14 for mobile app install campaigns.

10. AdAction Interactive
AdAction is an innovative mobile app media company partnering with leading app developers, Fortune 100 brands, and quality publishers to facilitate and accelerate efforts to increase sales, drive app downloads, and engage consumers across iOS and Android platforms. Since its inception in 2013, AdAction continues to have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry and averages more than 5 million monthly app installs in 180+ countries.

From Brian Fox, CEO:
“What makes AdAction unique is our hands-on dedication to our clients, from the start to finish of every campaign that comes through our network. Our account managers work around the clock to drive efficient, top-quality campaigns, operating customized, interactive dashboards that provide real-time performance metrics to ensure that our clients see a maximum return on their ad spend. We have an expansive network of publishers and a compliance support team that actively monitors these media partners for accountability and high-scale campaign control.”

About AdAction Interactive
Driving 300+ million installs since May 2013, AdAction is the mobile app industry’s leading performance-based marketing platform with over 320% average year-over-year growth. Our team of experts deliver over 6 million monthly conversions for Fortune 100 companies and elite agencies, including exclusive partnerships with top media sources around the world.

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