The air is beginning to chill and the leaves are spotting autumn hues, which can only mean one thing; the holidays are upon us. The holidays are a high-demand time for apps, and while this season is already at the forefront of advertisers’ minds, extra attention should be paid to apps during these busy times. Advertisers should take advantage of the unique seasonal opportunities that Q4 offers, by utilizing seasonal creative themes and content. Not only will making small, seasonal tweaks engage your current users, but will help improve your scale, impression, and early retention with new users.

We’ve emphasized the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO), and it’s just as key during the holidays. There are several changes you can make to your app store listing pages to attract attention of new users. First, think about your visuals. Make your app icon and screenshots more festive to be aligned with the holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s and everything in between. Switch up your copy. Update your promotional text in the iOS App Store and app description to showcase any new features you plan to launch during the upcoming festivities. Making your landing page more seasonally relevant could lead to your app getting featured and increase your discoverability.

Further drive the ROAS you’re looking for with dedicated seasonal promotions on digital channels. Enhance your targeting by using holiday-specific creative and copy in your ads on social media to target users with seasonal searches. We’ve driven a 30 percent increase in scale and 20 percent increase in early retention for our clients by targeting Pinterest users searching for Halloween costumes with ads that promote “spooky” levels of a game app. Don’t forget about your overall brand promotion, as well. While discoverability within app stores is essential for successful marketing campaigns during the holidays, general brand visibility is also crucial. Look to your website, social media channels, influencers, and blog posts to further flaunt your special seasonal deals, promotions, and updates during the holiday season.

While the holidays can be a stressful time, it doesn’t have to be for your marketing efforts. Q4 offers fun and playful ways to further promote apps in the app stores and various platforms. Keep in mind that your product should naturally align with the season or event you’re tying it to. If it doesn’t, update the app to be relevant. Being seasonally relevant will help to get you featured in the app stores, increase your discoverability, and improve your overall conversion rates. To rev up your seasonal marketing efforts, start here! 

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