In the startup industry, a company’s sales team is usually the face of the organization – responsible for reaching out to new and prospective clients. It takes a special type of person to be able to handle the ups and downs of sales. Built In Colorado highlighted six Colorado sales teams that succeed in keeping morale high and our top-performing team here at AdAction was one of them.

Our own Vice President, Andy Norwood, believes that creating healthy competition within the team and working together helps keep everyone feeling positive and motivated.

“We’re more than just teammates; we are all friends and want to see each other succeed,” said Andy. “We’ve created healthy competition within the sales team, where we not only try to individually bring in more revenue than the others but we also work together to share in overall team wins.”

Having a driven team that comes into work ready to take on the day only makes handling the ebb and flow of sales that much easier. Read more about how AdAction ensures our sales team is encouraged and ready for whatever the industry throws at them.

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