In an industry as ever-changing as mobile, it may be difficult for some marketers to understand the full capabilities of media buying. Built In Austin recently sat down with AdAction’s Anthony Martucci, Director of Paid Social, to talk about our new internal media buying department and how we help brands navigate these often uncharted territories.

“A lot of other different types of media buying agencies may have a bit of a cookie cutter mold in terms of how they work with a client,” said Anthony. “But we believe [media buying] needs to be customized and personalized in order for it to be effective.”

Read more about our unique media buying strategy and how AdAction drives results while building lasting relationships with our clients.

About AdAction Interactive
AdAction leads the mobile app industry with custom, performance-based marketing solutions and data-driven technology, optimizing acquisition campaigns to drive quality installs and downstream engagement for maximum ROI. AdAction is the premier, full-service ad platform that delivers over 8 million monthly installs for elite agencies and Fortune 100 companies, leveraging exclusive partnerships with top publishers to reach target users in more than 180 countries worldwide.

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