Holiday wreaths, stockings, and more have taken their place on store shelves all before Halloween candy has made it into the bags of trick-or-treaters. It seems that holiday shopping starts earlier every year. In fact, 40% of consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween. The holiday season is a crucial time for retail marketers; with users spending more time on their phones, advertisers need to have their digital campaigns fully optimized and ready to drive quality conversions at volume. Last year, ecommerce holiday retail spend reached nearly $124 billion, with mobile conversions accounting for 25% of that spend. This year will be even more monumental, with holiday shopping forecast to surpass $1 trillion. What can marketers do to leverage the spike in holiday excitement this season?¹ 

Bring On The Burst Campaigns

It’s during this time of year that consumers are relying heavily on their phones for holiday shopping. In 2018, online sales increased by 26% from the previous year between the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through Black Friday.² Going into Thanksgiving, daily impression volume on mobile will increase, so prioritize mobile-first strategies and plan for incremental budgets to drive new users at scale.¹ 

One way to do this is through rank management campaigns. These campaigns concentrate high ad spend in a short period of time, exposing apps to larger audiences, and generating an increased number of installs to improve app store rank. Leveraging a burst strategy, we were able to help drive a 14% increase in organic installs for a retail app by improving rank from #30 to #2 in the iOS shopping category and #21 to #4 in the Google Play Store. With increased activity in the app stores during the holidays, an app at or near the top of the ranks is more likely to be discovered by users. Improving your app’s visibility can help deliver a high volume of new users and additional uplift with organic installs and engagement.

Reel In Retention

Now that you have new quality users, how do you retain them? Retention strategies should start well before the end of the holiday season. Last year during Cyber Week, 7 in 10 consumers were new users, and 1 in 3 of those were retained to make additional purchases after Thanksgiving.³ For retail apps, the goal is to retain users so they make repeat purchases. One thing retail advertisers can do to boost retention is run CPE campaigns on a registration plus purchase model. This requires users to have their payment information stored in the app, making transactions seamless and minimizing friction or drop-off points.

With over 500 successful burst campaigns worldwide, AdAction has driven up to 80 percent rank increase for dedicated holiday bursts. Our team of experts can leverage AdAction’s exclusive, global inventory to improve your app store rank and boost visibility. If you’re interested in driving quality conversions at volume and strategizing retention, contact our team of mobile experts to start delivering Qualume™.


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