Investing in your people is one of the first steps to ensure your company continues to evolve. Built In Colorado recently met with AdAction and other local tech companies who take the time to invest in individuals through learning and growth opportunities. Interested in how empowering our team is an investment in our company as a whole?

We believe that opportunities for growth and development begin with our junior level team members. As a result, we created the Action360 program to rotate employees through key departments to learn new skills and tools from other team members, in addition to educational classes.

“This past year, we had our first official internal promotion from the Action360 program into our account management team,” said Manager of People and Culture Dianne Wright. “We’re really excited to continue to build out the program and watch more of our staff grow and tackle new roles.”

This investment doesn’t stop at our entry-level employees. Read more about the professional development opportunities we provide all of our team and how this mutually beneficial relationship leads us to keep pushing AdAction and the mobile industry forward.

About AdAction Interactive
Driving 300+ million installs since May 2013, AdAction is the mobile app industry’s leading performance-based marketing platform with over 320% average year-over-year growth. Our team of experts deliver over 6 million monthly conversions for Fortune 100 companies and elite agencies, including exclusive partnerships with top media sources around the world.

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