One of the unique things about AdAction is our people-first culture. Being recognized by our staff as a great place to work and our 103 percent year-over-year employee growth are just a few of the reasons why Built In Austin featured AdAction as one of four local  tech companies who make their culture stand out.

Ask anyone on our team what AdAction’s main focus is and, more times than not, they’ll  say, “the people.” All of the company’s leaders, including the CEO, make an effort to get to know each member the team. Events like our staff retreat, happy hours, and celebrations of personal milestones are just a few of the ways we put our people first.

Read more about what makes the AdAction culture so special, and how it all ties back to DJ Khaled.

About AdAction Interactive
Driving 300+ million installs since May 2013, AdAction is the mobile app industry’s leading performance-based marketing platform with over 320% average year-over-year growth. Our team of experts deliver over 6 million monthly conversions for Fortune 100 companies and elite agencies, including exclusive partnerships with top media sources around the world.

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