GDC 2018 kicks off next week, are you ready? Bringing together designers, programmers, and industry experts worldwide, GDC is well known as the largest professional game industry event of the year. Making it imperative that attendees come prepared. It’s also one of our favorite events, so we’ve put together a quick Q&A checklist for you to keep in mind as you pack your bags:

What has changed in mobile gaming since this time last year?

The proliferation of playable ads has been a great driving force in the evolution of reward video. These playable videos are much more widespread, as we’ve seen a continued surge of success with campaigns throughout the last year. There has also been a much more extensive push into hyper-casual gaming, as opposed to interactive or strategy-type games. Hyper-casual games are more simplistic in nature and the addictive gameplay makes promotion easier to acquire and retain users. As a result, driving hyper-casual games to the top of the free charts in both the iOS App Store and Google Play for much of 2017 and ‘18.

What should people look out for during this year’s GDC?

Keep an eye out and ear to the ground for the latest revelations from exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and the like. This is a great time of year to showcase what’s fresh and trending, so you should expect to see the launch of new platforms and products in the mobile space. Dare we mention AdAction’s Native Ads Platform? Using machine-based learning and proprietary technology to evaluate the leading social and search publishers, our Native Ads Platform can help determine the channels most effective to drive scale at a fixed rate. You can learn more by scheduling a meeting with one of our mobile experts at GDC.

Which leads us to our last point to keep in mind, as the days countdown to GDC.

How should people prepare?

GDC is a big show and, at times, can be overwhelming. Don’t let it get the better of you.

Know what you want to get out of it. There are so many great opportunities to educate yourself about new and upcoming games, industry insights, popular trends, future developments, and expectations for 2018 and beyond. By allowing yourself to take advantage of everything that GDC has to offer, you can leave with the knowledge you need to drive success in your marketing efforts. So, prepare your calendar for the networking events, keynote talks, expo tours, and let’s not forget about the parties…

AdAction is hosting an exclusive happy hour with AdGem on Thursday, March 22 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at San Francisco’s one-of-a-kind speakeasy – Bourbon & Branch. Enjoy free drinks and appetizers with your colleagues at GDC and RSVP now, before space runs out.

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