User acquisition and early retention are often at the top of marketers’ lists. But what about keeping your users’ engagement and retention three months down the line? Late-stage retention is a huge benefit to marketers, as these are some of your most valuable and committed users. In fact, during the first half of 2018 the average three-month user retention rate of mobile apps worldwide dropped from 45 to 32 percent, while the average churn rate increased from 55 to 68 percent.¹ But that’s nothing to be afraid of, as our team of mobile experts have the information you need to prioritize and improve your late-stage retention.

So, why is late-stage retention just as important as early-stage? First off, valuable users who churn at a later date are much more impactful to your business than early-churn users. Late-stage churn is more expensive than churn during onboarding, because these users are more engaged in your app than new users. Losing users late-stage means losing that rapport, along with valuable behavior data from loyal users. However, behavior data from users before they churn can be extremely beneficial. Analyze your data to see how user behavior differentiates between early-stage, late-stage churns, and current users. Look for patterns to determine where users are churning; pay attention to what features get the most attraction from long-time users and where you can problem solve to make improvements.

Now that you understand the importance of late-stage retention, let’s look at how you can improve these rates. Make the user experience top-notch. Do this through simple user onboarding, frequent app updates that address any negative reviews, and proactively showing user appreciation by celebrating milestones or accomplishments. Showcasing your app’s value and reminding users why they installed in the first place will keep them engaged and boost retention. In addition, you can re-engage churned users with push notifications when applicable. Inform them of any promotions you’re running or of any updates fixing issues that may have turned them away. Also, keep in mind that both early and late-stage retention are important, so you should optimize toward sources and partners that drive both. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by focusing on only early-stage retention high performers and vice versa.

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