In an industry that’s as fast-paced as mobile, it’s essential to have a resource you can rely on to provide the latest insights and expertise. That’s why we’re bringing you another installment of Back to Basics with Business Development! Let our Business Development team answer the questions that are top of mind for leading brands and advertisers, from the basics of user acquisition to the complexities of ROI+ performance marketing, and everything in between.

Our Business Development team has a wealth of knowledge they’re ready to share with you on how to be successful in this fast-paced industry. Let’s dive deeper on a subject we’re hearing from a handful of clients as they start planning for 2019:

How Health & Fitness Apps Can Prepare for New Year’s Resolutions

After eating copious amounts of holiday cookies and feasting at family gatherings, many people look to January as a time to start fresh — often setting a healthy diet or fitness plan as a New Year’s resolution. Mobile users are actively searching to meet their goals in the new year, so make sure your app is appearing at the top of their list. As the Health and Fitness vertical continues to expand, it’s important that your app ranks high in the search results using important, value-driving keywords. Some tips to keep in mind: assign the right primary app category, although it may be tempting to choose a less competitive area, and strategically choose keywords and phrases you predict your audience will search when looking for your app.

There are more than 300,000 Health and Fitness apps in the Google Play and Apple App stores combined, so ensure your listing page is properly optimized to set yourself apart from the competition.* Highlight your app’s key differentiators in your marketing and app store listing pages. Use the app description to flaunt unique features and functionality, proving why users should install your app over a similar one in the same category. Also consider highlighting special New Year’s promotions or deals that your app is offering in the promotional text to further attract users.

Subscription-based apps can also cash-in on the New Year’s resolution craze. Offer a three to seven day free trial to encourage users to convert to a paid subscriber; it gives users a taste of your app and encourages them to continue using it with a monthly subscription. Make the free trial period short enough to allow you to quickly analyze which advertising sources are driving the most paid users. Users will only pay for so many subscriptions per month, so your app’s value should be made clear during this trial.

Health and Fitness app usage grew 330 percent in only three years, and shows no sign of losing momentum.** Change your app to stay relevant, but don’t lose unique characteristics as this category continues to expand. Some trends to watch for in this saturated vertical include the increase of on-demand workouts with a monthly subscription, the popularity of mindfulness and meditation apps, and freemium models that offer paid ad-free versions.

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