In an industry that’s as fast-paced as mobile, it’s essential to have a resource you can rely on to provide the latest insights and expertise. That’s why we are excited to introduce our new series – Back to Basics with Business Development! Let our Business Development team answer the questions that are top of mind for leading brands and advertisers, from the basics of user acquisition to the complexities of ROI+ performance marketing, and everything in between.

With over 30 combined years in the mobile marketing industry, our Business Development team has the experience and knowledge to provide the answers you need to be successful in today’s ever-changing mobile industry. So let’s kick off this series with a question that we’ve been hearing from a lot of our clients lately:

How to Optimize Campaigns Toward Downstream Events

We work with a lot of clients who want to optimize towards downstream events to ensure they’re receiving highly engaged users and maximizing their ROAS. Events like driving registrations, free trials, subscriptions, and orders invite users to engage with the app past the install and drive additional value. Installs are valuable, but if users aren’t engaging further with your app, then there’s less value in the user. That’s why we’ve expanded our inventory to include CPA models and placed an emphasis on monitoring campaign benchmarks and KPIs, to accommodate this industry shift towards downstream events.

So, how can you ensure you’re getting the most engaged users? Determine downstream KPIs and benchmarks to optimize across all partners and advertising channels. Keep in mind that KPIs should be unique for each channel to account for variations between inventory and targeting capabilities. Next, identify the strongest sources that are actively hitting your downstream events and create a whitelist to scale your highest performing sources. As you maintain this strategy throughout your campaign, you’ll see how focusing your efforts on the top-performing sources will not only drive the highest quality of engaged users, but also improve your ROAS.

Is there something you want to know about the mobile industry? Let us know and our mobile experts will get back to the basics with you! Contact AdAction today to submit your latest questions.

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