We’re almost halfway through 2019 and one marketing trend that remains constant in the industry is reward video, in fact the US will spend nearly $16 billion on mobile video ads this year.¹ Reward video campaigns integrate video ads into apps that users have the option to view in exchange for points, lives, or virtual currency, and can be a great way to drive high-quality traffic to your app. Our team of mobile experts have some tips you need to improve your reward video campaign’s performance and see the ROAS you deserve.

Before we get into how you can boost your reward video performance, let’s look at why this type of advertising is beneficial. Users interact more frequently with reward video ads than traditional offer wall placements; 74% of mobile gamers in the US said they were very likely to watch a video ad if they earned in-app content like currency.² These users who interact with your ad opt into watching a video for the entire 15 to 30 seconds, giving them a good taste of your app. You can expect higher impressions than conversions in comparison to offer wall traffic, but higher quality installs because users are rewarded after watching the video and then have the choice to install your app — driving higher retention rates from new, engaged users.

So, how can you improve your reward video campaign’s performance? First, focus on your creative. Make sure your video and end card successfully portray your app’s appeal — entice users to hit “download.” Even consider A/B testing the color, design, and copy of your CTA to see what drives the most conversions. And second, look at who and where you’re targeting. Is your ad being served to the right audience? Verticals perform well within similar verticals. So, if you’re running a reward video campaign for an idle game, place the ad in another idle app.

Interested in running reward video campaigns and boosting your performance, or is there something else you want to know about the mobile industry? Let us know and our mobile experts will get back to the basics with you! Contact AdAction today to submit your latest questions.

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