In an industry that’s as fast-paced as mobile, it’s essential to have a resource you can rely on to provide the latest insights and expertise. That’s why we’re bringing you the second volume of Back to Basics with Business Development! Let our Business Development team answer the questions that are top of mind for leading brands and advertisers, from the basics of user acquisition to the complexities of ROI+ performance marketing, and everything in between.

Our Business Development team has a wealth of knowledge they’re ready to share with you on how to be successful in this fast-paced industry. So let’s talk about a hot topic that’s on a lot of our clients’ minds as they start to wrap up 2018:

How to Be Successful in Q4

In Q3 this year, consumer spending reached $18.2 billion in Google Play and the App Store combined, which is a 22.7 percent increase over the $14.8 billion spent in Q3 of 2017.* Spending on apps is only increasing, so check out our tips on how you can keep up the momentum during Q4 and end your year strong.

App Store Discoverability
Your app’s visibility within the App Store is essential, but even more so during the high-traffic time of Q4. Make sure you’re fully utilizing organic and paid optimization efforts within the App Store to maximize your discoverability. Some simple tips include ensuring your app is assigned the correct primary category, strategically using keywords in the app subtitle and description, and taking advantage of Search Ads. We take a deeper dive into how you can improve your App Store performance here.

Seasonal Creative
The holidays offer a unique opportunity to revamp your ASO and marketing efforts. Update your app store icon, promotional text, and screenshots on your landing page with festive copy and creative to increase your chances of being featured within the app stores. In addition, incorporate new seasonal creative within your marketing campaigns across digital platforms to improve conversion rates. Showcase any updates, promotions, or deals that come with the holiday season. We see a 20 percent increase in early retention when we update our clients’ creative to be seasonally relevant.

Make sure your attribution is dialed in during Q4 and accurately mapping downstream events. Set engagement KPIs and benchmarks so you can determine which channels are proving more effective and invest more heavily in channels actively hitting your goals. Q4 is the time to scale up on channels maximizing your ROAS.

Create Unique App Experiences
Your app users are your most loyal customers; they’ve given you extremely valuable space on their phone. Create unique experiences only available on the app to encourage new users to install and reward active users to boost re-engagement. In the retail vertical, try offering exclusive Black Friday previews only available in the app, or tailored workouts in fitness apps to help burn off holiday calories. Customizing the experience so the app is doing most of the heavy lifting, not the user, and adding a personal touch will keep your loyal customers coming back.  

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