The rise of subscription-based apps hitting the iOS App Store and Google Play marketplace has been no secret. We’ve even covered how you can move to a subscription model to benefit from the steady revenue flow and highly-engaged user base. However, these subscriptions don’t necessarily have to be digital, as boxed subscriptions can also gain from some unique advertising strategies. What are these strategies? Our mobile experts will fill you in on how your subscription, app or non-app, can benefit from diverse inventory on both mobile and desktop.

Over the past couple of years, 46% of consumers have subscribed to a digital media-streaming service and 15% have subscribed to an e-commerce service like meal delivery kits.¹ We don’t see this trend diminishing anytime soon, so let’s look at how your product can utilize AdAction’s Reward Platform to drive qualified customers. Offer walls are a great mobile monetization strategy. Because users choose to engage with the offer wall, you won’t be interrupting their initial experience — driving higher engagement. With offer walls, users are rewarded for completing desired actions such as completing a survey, starting a free trial, signing up for a subscription, and more. AdAction’s offer wall features owned-and-operated reward inventory that provides global reach and volume for advertisers looking to drive downstream engagement at scale.

Our knowledge and experience with digital subscriptions has given us insight to run non-app clients, like subscription boxes, on our Reward Platform as well. These subscriptions can utilize offer walls to diversify ad spend on non-traditional channels, acquiring new audiences they might not normally reach. This type of ad unit is a bit of a novelty for non-app clients, but we’ve seen great success with CPA campaigns in verticals like digital media streaming, boxes for pets, meal kits and alcohol, beauty and wellness, children’s books and movies, and utility or security services.

Offer wall traffic can support both app and non-app clients using the same reward inventory to drive subscriptions. Interested in learning more about how you can utilize AdAction’s Reward Platform? Let us know and our mobile experts will get back to the basics with you! Contact AdAction today to submit your latest mobile industry questions.


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