Apple’s iOS 11 is now available to download and users are discovering apps in new ways because of it. Marketers need to pay attention to how this update has changed app discovery and think about how to best optimize their apps and content to maximize presence in the app store. The experts at AdAction are here to help and breakdown these updated features for you:

Today Replaces Featured

The App Store will no longer open to Featured, but instead you’ll find yourself looking at the top apps for Today. Better designed for discovery, visual promotions have increased in size to fill the screen, limiting the available space for other apps competing for impressions. Emphasis has also been added to spotlight app of the day, game of the day, and editorial content. Limited competition and enhanced visibility makes this section more important than ever for marketers to expose their app to new users and drive quality installs.

So, how can marketers get featured? There is no paid placement or checklist of requirements for apps featured in Today. App Store editors focus on a variety of factors to make their decisions. As a marketer, you can share the detailed story of your app with Apple editors here, to be considered.

Improved Search

The iOS 11 update has not only improved keywords to be bigger and bolder for more attention, but has also included an additional app screenshot. Now displaying three previews instead of two, this provides marketers more opportunity to visually demonstrate their app’s capabilities and highlight its key functions to better entice users’ interests. Keep in mind that these screenshots are smaller as a result, so visuals need to be larger and more legible to capture users’ attention. Videos can also be included with these screenshots, automatically playing through the completion of the video. Marketers can leverage this enhanced dynamic feature to give users more in-depth insight and drive them to install.

Developer pages can also appear in search results for the more popular and high-demand apps. This allows marketers additional opportunity to promote content relevant to their app and adds to the users’ overall search experience, accessing new information that Apple predicts they are interested in and better encourages each user to install.

Developer names under the title, however, have been changed to subtitles. Marketers can leverage these subtitles to include comprehensive descriptions that explain why users will benefit from installing the app. Taking advantage of this additional content space with smart, efficient information can help marketers to exceedingly optimize their keyword search results.

Product Page Expansion

Where the star rating used to be the most important indicator, the product page now shows the app’s top chart rank to communicate with users how popular the app is. This can have a direct impact on marketers’ conversion rates; with higher top chart ranks driving increased visibility and quality install volume.

For marketers looking to re-engage with users who may have previously uninstalled their app, What’s New has been updated to display near the top of the product page for existing or former customers. Including information about recent changes and the latest updates, What’s New is marketers’ opportunity to customize messaging and persuade existing or unsatisfied users to reinstall and engage with the latest version of their app.

Up to 20 in-app purchases can now be previewed on the product page. Marketers can customize details like icons, names, and descriptions to better impact app discovery in search results. Users searching for specific app features can find in-app purchases in their results, helping them to identify the app that best suites their needs with these added features; providing marketers with greater keyword search capacity and visibility to acquire new users and installs.

If you’ve seen a new or improved feature with the iOS 11 update that we didn’t include here and you want to know more, contact AdAction and we can help you understand how to best optimize your marketing efforts for optimal app discovery.

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