Many wish they had the characteristics of a natural entrepreneur, but it takes a special kind of leader to jump headfirst into starting a new company. AdAction’s founder and CEO, Brian Fox, utilized his 20+ years of experience in the mobile industry to build the company from the ground up, and it all started with his team.

One of Brian’s unique leadership qualities is that he believes in supporting each team member from the beginning to help create “senior visionaries.” To do this, he’s implemented formal processes for feedback that increase open and approachable communication. Brian also encourages employees to see the best in each individual, to highlight the unique strengths that complement the team as a whole.

“I lead by example, and I make myself a resource of knowledge to our team since I’ve been in the industry for two decades,” said Brian. “This means I have to be approachable, be present in our conversations and actively follow up. I also empower the individuals on our team to be comfortable in their decision-making process.”

Read more about how Brian uses his wealth of knowledge to inspire and lead our ever-growing team.

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