As the mobile industry continues to evolve, it’s important that AdAction also progresses and stays on top of industry knowledge and trends. Much like the ever-changing industry, our team has grown exponentially since our beginning; with 103 percent year-over-year employee growth, we’re always on the lookout for top talent to expand our departments and fit the business’ needs.

While applying to a job, it’s rare that you check all of the required qualification boxes. More times than not, it’s about how you present yourself to the recruiter — how you sell yourself. Pat Shively didn’t quite fit AdAction’s job description for Director of Business Intelligence to a “T,” but was able to sell us on what we didn’t know we needed. Pat read beyond the job description, understood, and engaged with what needed to be accomplished: reshaping AdAction’s approach to data and analytics.

While Pat lacked some of the desired technical experience with specific software, it didn’t stop him from selling his unique but skilled background and how he could make a monumental impact on the company. Pat had an educational background in theoretical physics before he took to the trading industry as a quantitative analyst and product manager. His past experience taught him how to actively listen, and how to effectively partner with other groups and teams while keeping the goals of the organization aligned.

“I didn’t know a thing about the mobile industry at the time I applied for the job,” said Pat. “I believe that selling yourself begins with building your own brand, and that comes from your collection of experiences and skills.”

Pat was able to apply his experience from his analyst and product management roles and pitch the growth of the Business Intelligence team to include the extension of a new Data Science branch. The new director saw an opening for change, and looked to mold his team to be the experts who develop tools to make our business more data driven. Instead of our analysts solely generating reports for other departments, the team is expanding its mission to deliver insights and make recommendations and predictions to improve business processes and the overall value of the organization, building their technical skill set along the way.

“I try to think of things as general as possible,” said Pat. “I’ve been able to succeed, while not having much prior knowledge about the industry, by being adaptable to new situations and relying on my past experiences.”

While the new Data team has been developing with great strides, the process has been a great learning experience for Pat who has been working to transform his group from a service team into a driving team. To do so, Pat is pushing the Data team to work with stakeholders, identify areas of growth, and utilize the proper tools and data to generate and implement strategy.

Our team members, who bring their own unique skills and backgrounds, are what make AdAction successful. The fact that as a new hire Pat was able to join AdAction and not only define his career path, but redefine his team’s overall goal and purpose, speaks volumes about our culture. The AdAction team is made up of those who are eager to learn, willing to work hard, and always adapting and growing. We see past an individual’s resume that may have some gaps, and instead see an opportunity in someone to leverage their strengths and expertise to move our business forward, while simultaneously learning the ropes of the mobile industry. While you may not be the “perfect” candidate on paper, that doesn’t mean you aren’t the perfect fit for AdAction.

Currently, Pat is looking for candidates who are intellectually curious and able to engage with problems to fill our Junior Data Scientist position. If you think you’d be a good match for this position or are interested in learning more about opportunities at AdAction, check out the complete list of roles we’re hiring for and apply today.

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