Sometimes job descriptions can be overwhelming with requisite skills you might not have, and you may begin to doubt yourself. However, job recruiters often look past what’s on your resume and consider how you’re able to sell yourself on what you know and what you’re willing to learn. Built In Colorado sat down with AdAction’s Director of Data Science, Pat Shively, who was hired outside of the skill set defined on the job description.

While not having the exact experience AdAction was looking for, Pat came into his interviews confident in his skills and how to sell himself.

“AdAction was looking for someone with technical experience using specific software, and I didn’t fit the bill,” said Pat. “However, it’s my personal motto that you sell people on what they didn’t know they wanted. To deliver on that from a director level, we’ve since reshaped the department to better fit what the business needs as it relates to data and analytics and how our team can engage with these new challenges and provide solutions.”

Using his expertise on management and analyzing business needs, Pat has been a huge asset for AdAction and the Data Science team. As part of the hiring team for our Senior Product Manager, Data Analyst, and Junior Data Scientist positions, Pat knows what he’s looking for in applicants; candidates should be skilled in critical thinking with unfamiliar problems, but should also simply be honest about their skill gaps. Being honest about what you don’t know will help structure a role to your skill set and define the training needed to help you thrive at AdAction.

Read more about Pat’s experience and what he looks for in potential employees, and maybe even see how your skills fit our current open positions.

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