What would any company be without its amazing team members? Here at AdAction, we’ve developed a team of incredible people, who bring their own unique qualities and strengths to the table. This team of innovative individuals is part of what makes AdAction different from other companies, coming together to push the business to its full potential.

Who are these people, you ask? We’re going to introduce them to you in our series – Can’t Stop Chronicles to help put a face to the driving force behind our “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” motto. Focusing on the power of analytics to make informed business decisions, BI Team Lead Liz Paschen is guiding her team into AdAction’s data-driven future.

What does a typical day at AdAction look like for you?
Every day is so different. Each day gives me a chance to learn something new and challenging, and allows me to find solutions to difficult problems.

What’s your favorite thing about your role?
My favorite thing is that my job satisfies my curiosity and my desire to constantly learn. I love solving problems, which is what we do every day.

What motivates you?
I have a growth mindset, so continual improvement motivates me. Whether that means in my personal or professional life, I strive to constantly change and grow through learning, effort, and experience.

What has been your greatest learning experience?
One of the greatest learning experiences was during my time in a previous role. I had to wear many hats, including managing a project team, deliverables, timelines, budgets, and client relationships. Growing soft skills such as interpersonal and decision-making capabilities has greatly benefited me in my current role but will be extremely valuable throughout my entire career.

What one piece of career advice could you give to someone wanting to get into the data and analytics side of the mobile industry?
For any analytics role, always have a mindset of how the work provides value to the business. Specifically within the mobile industry, it’s extremely fast-paced so there’s always new data available to analyze and inform decision making, improve products and services, and improve efficiencies.

Liz recently celebrated her second one-year anniversary with AdAction; starting her career with the company as an Account Manager and returning after a year away as a BI Analyst. Her experience at AdAction, and her time away, has helped lead to her recent promotion to BI Team Lead. Beyond office walls, you can find Liz experimenting in the kitchen, hiking or biking, and exploring her favorite parts of Colorado (Telluride and Ouray) with her husband and two dogs.

How do you keep a healthy work-life balance?
I’m a very routine-oriented person. There are certain blocks of my day that I always cut out for things that make me happy and help me keep a clear mind, like working out in the morning and taking my dogs for walks. I prioritize these things in my free time to help me keep a level head.

Is there one meal or type of cuisine you would consider yourself a master chef of?
All things vegan, especially spiralized veggies. Zucchini is a go-to, but I highly recommend spiralizing sweet potatoes!

What’s something you wish to learn or try this year?
I’m actually in the process of creating my own cookbook. I’m writing an ebook of quick and easy vegan recipes that only need a few ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to make.

Interested in learning more about our one-of-a-kind team? Visit our Careers page to get the inside scoop on our company culture, and check out our open positions if you’re interested in joining the AdAction family.

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