It has only been a month since AdAction took a trip to Palm Springs for our annual staff retreat and our team is still talking about it! From golf and luxurious spa treatments to aerial performances at an exclusive Halloween party and thrilling races in a fleet of BMWs, our time in California was one to remember.

The retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience to honor our staff’s hard work and successful achievements, all at one remote location. With an office in Austin, Texas and another in Denver, Colorado, AdAction is dedicated to bringing both teams together each year in celebration. Allowing opportunities for departments to intermingle, new staff to meet their counterparts, and maybe challenge each other to a game or two of water volleyball.

Our staff looks back at their favorite moments from our 2017 staff retreat:

"I always look forward to the retreats, because I don't really interact with most of the team as an accountant. It's an opportunity to see old friends, make new friends, and build bonds with coworkers that I normally don't work with. I also love that we get to know each other out of the confines of our jobs."
Nikki Miles, Staff Accountant
The retreat blew my expectations out of the water. Everything was planned perfectly and the events were so much fun. The BMW racing was one of the most fun experiences in my life! An event like that gets me excited about the future of the company and brings me much closer to my colleagues.
Kevin Brogan, Manager, Publisher Relations
As a new hire, it was reassuring to see the camaraderie among the entire group. Before I knew it, I was feeling at home, welcome, and a part of it. When you start a new job, you can't help but wonder if you made the right move--but every day at least one thing happened that made me think 'This is the place for me.'
Lance Vaillancourt, Paid Social Strategist
As an employee that's had the pleasure of attending all four of our annual AdAction retreats, I can honestly say they get bigger and better each year. I will add that the caliber of our employees also gets better each year... we have some really impressive young guns on the team that were a lot of fun to hang out with and get to know better over the long weekend!
Jason Spohn, Sr. Manager, Business Development
Our latest retreat was definitely filed in my brain as one of the "Top 10 Most Fun Things I've Ever Done."
Jay Knight, Strategic Account Manager
The overall experience was incredible; amazing location, awesome events, and most of all, a great chance to learn more about the people who make AdAction special. Besides some of the once in a lifetime experiences, I came away with great pride to be a part of AdAction and such an incredible team.
Kevin Fox, CFO & COO
Palm Springs was hands down the best trip that I have ever taken in my life. I will never forget the feeling of putting the pedal to the floor of a BMW M3. That was probably the first and the last time that I will ever get to do that. It’s both a blessing and a curse to have done the coolest thing you’ll ever do in your life at the ripe age of 23.
Tom Olsen, Publisher Development Coordinator
Initially, I didn't know what to expect from this retreat, but now I understand why coworkers said it was the best time of their lives. Everyone is excited to meet you, there's all these amazing activities planned like a spa day, sports car racing, pool volleyball, etc. I feel so much closer to my colleagues and the company as a whole. I loved how AdAction went all out with each and every aspect of this vacation. Because that’s what it felt like, not work, not a networking event, but a vacation.
Ale Troncoso, Media Coordinator

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Where will we go in 2018? Stay tuned to find out what adventures we have in store for the team at AdAction! But, you can learn more about how we continue to build a strong remote here.

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