In the days and weeks following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, people are continuing to come together in an effort to help all those affected by the storms. Here at AdAction many of our friends and families reside in areas impacted by these hurricanes and are still recovering from the damage.

More than just our thoughts have gone out to these people and communities, as members of our staff have traveled to the Houston area to lend helping hands for those in need.

Jay Knight packed his Jeep full of 150 lbs. of dry food with eight packs of bottled water and drove from Denver, Colorado to Houston, Texas, just days after Harvey hit.

“I have two friends on the Houston police department that I served with in the Marine Corps, who were posting videos of all the damage. One of them was living out of his police department because flooding was preventing him from getting to his own home. That’s when I realized how bad it was and thought that I could help.”

He spent five days in the area, joining a team of ranchers from Colorado to help with search and rescue. With his team, Jay was able to assist people and animals still stranded in their homes, as well as deliver goods and medical supplies to local shelters, supply-points, and neighborhoods cutoff from their everyday resources. They used boats to deliver dog food and supplies to an otherwise inaccessible animal shelter and helped one woman demolish and clean up her property.

“This was the sixth incident where her home had been flooded and the first time she received help. It meant a lot to be there for her, support her when she had nowhere to go and no one to help. That’s why I went to Texas, to do everything I could to help.”

Alejandra Troncoso and Nikki Miles made their way from Austin to Houston in order to volunteer with local organizations.

“I wanted to help people in need and was close enough to do it hands-on,” said Troncoso. “We found one of the first volunteer areas, where people affected by the storm were congregating and even volunteering to assist their neighbors.”

Alejandra and Nikki collected donations, sorted materials, and distributed supplies at a local furniture store, serving as a shelter to provide aid and resources to nearby families. They also spent time assisting with an animal shelter station, setup in a mall parking lot, cleaning cages and feeding the lost and homeless animals that had been rescued from the storm.

“It was the sense of community and everyone coming together for support that really made an incredible impact,” said Miles. “It went beyond the people who drove across the country to volunteer their time, it was the widespread outreach on social media. I was seeing posts about people coordinating rescues, calling out for anyone with a boat or truck, and the overwhelming responses of volunteers that responded. We were all in it, together.”

In support of our staff’s efforts and for everyone impacted in the Houston area, AdAction donated $2,500 to both the YouCaring relief fund and to Team Rubicon, responsible for assisting in the recovery and rebuilding efforts throughout Texas and across the Gulf Coast. AdAction was one of the many members of the Austin tech community that joined together to aid in hurricane relief.

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