When it comes time to look for a new career, there are a lot of things that you consider with each company…compensation, benefits, career development, perks, and so on. But what is it that truly makes a company a great place to work? That’s what we wanted to know, so we took it to our staff to find out.

And what did we learn? In an anonymous survey of nearly 40 employees, 95% said that the great challenges, atmosphere, communication, and management are what make AdAction a great place to work. As a result of our survey, AdAction has officially been certified a Great Place to Work.

The certification survey required responses to 54 questions, which covered different focus groups from trust and inclusion to team. So what does this certification mean to AdAction?

“The certification means a lot because it comes directly from our employees,” said AdAction Manager, People and Culture Dianne Wright. “For our people to rate us with such high scores truly justifies that we’ve created an environment where they feel successful and where they enjoy coming in everyday. We received an average score of 90% across all questions, it shows that our employees are just as excited to be here as we are to have them.”

As the leader of our hiring efforts, Dianne interviews and assesses candidates who are considering AdAction for the next step in their career. So we asked her about the core fundamentals that anyone interested in a new career should know about AdAction.

What sets AdAction apart from other companies?

The team, hands down – and our survey results speak to this. Our biggest win was in the team-focused area, where we earned 97%. At AdAction, you can rely on people to support you for help or during time off, ask questions, approach anybody, and trust that everyone is willing to give extra to get the job done. Most of all, there is a general sense that our staff just really enjoys the people that they work with.

How did AdAction build its company culture?

It has been organic, in terms of finding the right people and how those people have shaped the culture. We continue to hire people that are smart, driven, willing to take on challenges, and excited for additional opportunities and responsibilities. One of the strings that tie us together is that we are a group of people that want to have fun both inside and out of the office. Our motto is Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop and it really is the foundation of it all. Working together to tackle challenges that rise in the industry and having fun doing it.

What does AdAction value for its employees?

We want there to be balance within each person’s work and personal life. Networking events, family gatherings, and kids’ soccer games are things that you shouldn’t have to give up. We provide the flexibility and resources that enable everyone to manage their own work-life balance.

We also recognize the value that each team member adds to the company – working hard, taking on responsibility and challenges. We encourage recognition from managers and colleagues alike and highlight these top accolades during our company meetings with our weekly Can’t Stop award.

There are also great opportunities to take on more at AdAction and grow your career. Mobile is a nascent industry on the whole, with new challenges and platforms emerging every day, which is a challenge in itself. But it’s also fun and exciting to stay ahead of. We strive for each employee to meet these challenges, to drive and deliver their own results. We expect that you hold yourself accountable, execute at a high level, and give more as you earn more.

What is AdAction focusing on for employees in 2018?

Career development is something that has always been an option at AdAction, if you see something, do something. Look for those smart solutions that will enhance the business. We want our employees to be empowered to create their own career paths, both during the time they spend at AdAction and for their future. We’ve built an immersive 360° experience for our entry-level roles, so that our newest employees can learn the business and have a choice in how they develop. Employees work with each department, learn the different technologies and core skills for those departments, and are then able to choose which path to go down.

AdAction is always looking for great talent. So, if we meet the needs for your next career move, make sure to check out our latest hiring opportunities.

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