Career development opportunities at AdAction come in all shapes and sizes, and are unique to each team member, where they’re at in their career, and what future goals they’re looking to achieve. Wrapping up her first year with the company Mariah Chee, Media Coordinator, reflects on the exclusive opportunity she was able to take part in during her inaugural year.

During Mariah’s first year at AdAction, she was given the chance to shadow our Vice President of Media Operations, Max Shill, for two weeks. This immersive experience gave Mariah exposure to different parts of the business while getting insights from one of the company’s seasoned leaders. She was able to attend Max’s meetings and got to learn about departmental topics covering everything from offer strategy and BI analyses, to working with Business Development and clients, including listening in on a client call with Max and CEO, Brian Fox.

“While shadowing Max, I was able to sit in on almost every one of his meetings,” said Mariah. “I was involved in conversations and everyone, whether it was Max or another senior leader, was more than happy to answer any questions I had. I learned about what each team is currently working on and what their future goals are.”

During the two weeks, Max gave Mariah vision into company initiatives and helped shape her day-to-day strategy. Mariah witnessed how the VP approaches strategy, decision making and organization from a macro level, and spent time with Max after his meetings to go over any questions she had, advice on how to prioritize her day, and tips and tricks on the industry as a whole. The experience gave her an advantage to perform to the best of her ability while having a deeper understanding of overarching company goals. It also improved her everyday routine by allowing her to create better habits and to have more of an analytical mindset.

“At AdAction, I know I have the support to achieve my professional and personal goals, and that my growth is valued and promoted by Max and the company,” said Mariah. “I’m fortunate to be surrounded by coworkers with innate curiosity and desire for knowledge, because that personally pushes me to be my best.”

Going forward, Mariah is eager to develop her career with AdAction. The two continue to have conversations about Mariah’s career path, her future, and how she can continue to grow within the company.

“I hope this shadowing experience gave Mariah more exposure to company initiatives and direction, but also helps grow her professional skills,” said Max. “Everything from running effective meetings and communicating with clients and publishers, to the problem solving process, identifying issues, working across multiple departments, and connecting with teams in both Austin and Denver.”

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