Mobile App User Acquisition

Acquire highly qualified global users for your mobile apps on a risk-free cost per install basis.

About Us

AdAction is an innovative mobile app media company partnering with leading app developers, Fortune 100 brands, and quality publishers to facilitate and accelerate efforts to increase sales, drive app downloads, and engage consumers across iOS and Android platforms. Since its inception in 2013, AdAction continues to have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry and averages more than 6 million monthly app installs in 180+ countries.


Global Reach

Access to over 800 active mobile media partners including Facebook, RTBs, display networks and mobile websites extending to 180+ countries and 4 app stores (iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows).

Programmatic Targeting & Data Driven Optimization

Target by geography, operating system and versions, device type and manufacturer, all in real-time.

Maximize your return on ad spend by activating our post install tracking module, and watch your campaign optimize toward down stream engagement metrics such as registration and purchase.

Save Money & Time

Unique cost per install (CPI) pricing model to mitigate your risk. No setup fee or minimum budget required.

Harness our expertise to save money and bring speed to your acquisition campaign.

Maximize your ad spend.

Tracking Partners

We are fully integrated with the leading mobile app tracking platforms so setup is always hassle-free.


Zero Fraud Tolerance

Fraud will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Incidents will be handled promptly and professionally. Bad apples will have no place in the AdAction CPA Network. Our stringent policy results in more effective and longer lasting campaigns.

Content is King

Aggressively priced, high quality, direct, brand-safe campaigns will ensure your consumers have a positive experience with our campaigns while you maximize your profits.

Global API

Leverage our flexible API to easily integrate with our entire portfolio of CPI campaigns.

Minimize your manual workload and maximize your profits.

Real-Time Reporting:

Monitor your earned commissions and performance of each campaign updated in real-time with our dedicated reporting portal.


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